Product Description

All of the manhole cover items listed in this site were created by special effects artist and model maker, Michael Miller. Michael is known for his special talent for creating very realistic effects and models for television shows and commercials (see HISTORY page for more info on Michael) All of the designs of the covers are replicas of real manhole covers from different cities within the United States. Some of the designs date back to the late 1800’s. Using photographs and other images, Michael re-created the designs with great detail, including blemishes, pitting and other characteristics of the real covers. He also created old metal, pipe-like, bases and stools so the covers could also be incorporated into furniture.

All of the covers, bases and stools are hand cast using pulverized bronze metal and high strength resins ( except for two iron table bases). The final finishing is done by Michael, himself, using various patinas, therefore, no two will be exactly alike. Nearly as durable as the genuine manhole covers, the tables and stools are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The covers as wall art are suitable for indoor use.

Manhole Covers as Table Tops

The manhole covers as table tops are made in two sections. As with a real manhole cover, there is the inner cover design and the outer rim. The outer rim is designed with a floor or bottom to it. The inner cover rests on the bottom surface of the outer rim section and can be removed. This is useful for easy cleaning and in most cases, if liquid is spilled on the table, it will drain into the bottom section and not on your floor. If used outdoors, the surface of the covers will develop a patina, over time. This is natural due to the fact they are made with bronze metal which reacts to the atmosphere. If desired, you can remove the patina by simply polishing it out, returning it to its original state (polish supplied with order) The weight of both the inner and outer sections combined is approximately 40 lbs.

Table Bases & Stools

There are currently four table bases and three different sized stools offered for the manhole covers mentioned above. Two of the stools, the Tall Stool and the Large Stool, also serve as table bases. The manhole covers are attached using screws to the tops of the stools. The other two table bases are made of cast and wrought iron (see Victorian Table and Iron Leg Table). You can also use your own table base for the covers.

Manhole Covers Used for Patios Sidewalks & Floors

These manhole covers can be set into a patio, sidewalk or floor. They make great conversation pieces as others discover they are not real. The covers
are cast as one piece as opposed to the covers used as table tops. They are extremely strong and durable but are not recommended for high traffic areas such as commercial sidewalks.

Manhole Covers as Wall Art

These manhole covers used as wall art are made with the same pulverized bronze and high strength resins as the other covers mentioned above, only they have a light weight foam center. They are made this way to reduce the weight for hanging. The covers are cast as one piece as opposed to the covers used as table tops (above). Each one weighs approximately 8-10 lbs, depending on the design.

Custom Designs & Covers Made to Order

If you have a manhole cover design from your town or company logo, etc., Michael will be glad to discuss it with you. Please contact him through the contact page

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